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LIPOELASTIC LTD was established in United Kingdom in 2016 to complement our global presence and to deliver excellent service and quality to our customers across the UK. It is the second subsidiary company after LIPOELASTIC GmbH with its Headquarters’ in Berlin, Germany. Due to the success of our subsidiary operations, we further expanded to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg in 2017, where we operate under LIPOELASTIC BV. We are now FDA approved and the new functional materials and elegant designs combined with our excellent customer service, have resulted into positive feedback and reviews.

We, at LIPOELASTIC, are uncompromising when it comes to quality of our products. Our goal is simply to become the market leader in sales of compression garments in the United Kingdom in next few years. We aim to do this by providing our customers with exceptional quality products and through collaborations with experienced top UK surgeons. We can manufacture new product's designs and tailor them to customers’ requirements.

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