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Our company, PODIUM ITALIA LTD. Was founded in 1999 with the aim to introduce Hungary into various foreign hosiery brands, bringing high-quality, wide selection of the Hungarian market. Lineaoro stocking wholesale warehouses The experience of recent years and the steady increase in the number of our partners shows that we have achieved our goal. We believe that our company is one of the trades in, providing the most comprehensive offer in the area of tights. We are the exclusive distributors of the brands Emy® Lineaoro® and Italy, and Fiore® brand in Poland, and we found some of the products and Knittex Annes companies do. Dealers, resellers will find a number of our stocking type: from classic hosiery for special, unique, extravagant samples of body shaping products. Working with many years of professional experience in the ever-expanding choice, competitive prices and constant promotions await our old and new partners.