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HISTORY of LEVANTE:In nearly fifty years of intense activity, the company has created a Levante incessant development: from a small family business specializing in the manufacture of socks and tights for women, to evolve into a major company. Today Levante is a leader in various segments of the markets in which it operates, with a production capacity of approximately 300,000 garments per day, which distributes all continents oversees the major distribution channels and has diversified its product offering to combine the best of the changing needs of the market with its know-how and traditions. All this in a "consumer-oriented marketing." Production is carried out in efficient and environmentally friendly production units, located in Castel Goffredo, in the province of MN and extended to approximately 100,000 square meters.MISSION:"To produce and distribute, using the latest technology combined with the attention and craftsmanship, socks, tights, underwear, beachwear, accessories, etc.. for all women ... especially for the most demanding. "STRENGTHS:The significant manufacturing know-how: acquired through about fifty years at the highest levels of the industry and the geographic location in the heart of the "District of Castel Goffredo", the main center for women's shoes at European level and the importance of which is recognized in the field around the world. Placement distinctive brands: well placed in all major market segments and channels. The right size: a balance between a productive "lean / flexible" and the necessary "Critical Mass" that allows you to compete in the difficult arena of the current market. Internationality: the presence in approximately fifty states in all continents. The potential for growth still very high in some markets with significant opportunities. communication strategy: it focuses on both the trademark on that products, together with the use of various media synergy, have produced excellent results in terms of reputation and image, allowing the achievement of communication objectives. ability and creative research and development in product: allows to propose new Articles in tune with the most significant trend.

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