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A hosiery brand inspired by powerful and elegant women throughout history from the sophisticated Queen of England, Elizabeth I, to the prominent ballet dancer of Russia, Diana Vishneva, LECHERY was founded in New York to create timeless, exceptional quality, and elegant hosiery for everyone.

LECHERY is all about unleashing and experiencing one’s absolute sensuality through understated elegance. A LECHERY Muse (regardless of gender) is the juxtaposition of sweet and fatal. A LECHERY Muse who is able to fully explore their total sensuality and exude a new persona is an unparalleled feeling. We want to help you discover and satisfy your hosiery fantasies.

Our products are designed meticulously in New York and passionately made by our atelier in Italy.

Through continuous technological innovation and sustainable efforts when it comes to our products and packaging, we hope you discover sensuality, femininity, and understated elegance with LECHERY.

LECHERY is the sanctuary for the daring, classy, and eloquent you.

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