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To be a woman today is a challenge increasingly larger and increasingly we see that attention to detail is the main asset, it outlines and highlight the beauty.And because femininity and sensitivity always come from within: the emotions and feelings, the way of being always reflects the attitude and attire.Laura Baldini stockings are your secret weapon that will highlight your personality in harmony with the various times in which you are. Since each is unique in its own way, we have created a collection of stockings made of five distinct lines, carefully selected for every day and every moment, to be beautiful, to feel special and confident.Sleek linesFor times when you want to be elegant, refined and seductive, we offer a fine range of socks in different models. Ideal to highlight your personality and femininity, elegant lines will make you feel truly special. It certainly will not go unnoticed!Line OfficeLine Office was created to feel comfortable in every moment: in the office, shopping, or walk in the park are resistant and also classics. Comfortable and easy to match to any outfit, stockings OFFICE-Line offers the pleasure of wearing and certainly will not disappoint you again.Line ColorissimaColorissima line stain your day and life is touch of color that will give you immediate pleasure of living. We know that Italy is the trend setter in fashion world. Wearing stockings Colorissima, made entirely in Italy, you will be in trend every season. COLORISSIMA match in a simple black dress, you'll be out of print soon.Glamour LineGlamour line mean trend and is specifically dedicated to women who know very well who dare to say what I think and feel. Glamour woman always knows what to wear, is refined and elegant at the same time. Different textures and prints are available for you to express your attitude.Special LineWant to feel really good every day and you value your figure and your health. Particular line will always contain the latest technological innovations: the fabric compression to multiple active treatment: the so-called smart textiles that interact directly with your body and plotting for the well that you so much need.

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