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Our task is doing the trade mark easily knowable. With the increase of purchaser ability of Ukrainians we want, that our products were cheaper, and in quality did not yield to the best world standards. We spare large attention a packing design, because we understand that high-quality packing - it one of mortgages of success. We consider that all of these factors must influence at choice our buyers. Our partners are one of the most powerful and stable producers of Ukraine, included in the first three of producers of Ukraine. The products of of trade mark 'LADY IRINA' include the classic womanish hoses of panty, stockings, socks, golfs, leggings. A model row brushes up during a year. The line of the offered products is counted by about 30 models in different sizes and in flowers. All of wares are made from the yarn of high quality of trade marks of DUPONT, BAYER on the machine-tools of the Italian firm Lonati. The produced products have a wide range from 20 to 150 DEN.