Kusiak  Logo
Kusiak™ company, with the registered office in Świerszczów near Hrubieszów, started its business operation in 1993. It has been active in the Polish textile market for more than 20 years now. It is a long time span but our experience goes beyond bald numbers. The first years of our business activity fall within the period of turbulent economic changes taking place in our country.
It is good to remember than only the best companies emerged from this difficult situation successfully.
At present, Kusiak™ offer covers over 100 different textile products. These are stockings, tights and socks, first of all. Our wide range of products is subject to various criteria, depending on:

material structure (patterned or plain)
material kind (e.g. lycra, elastic, stretch, microfiber)
its thickness (thin or covering products) and colour
customer’s gender and age

Our product offer is adjusted to seasonal requirements (summer, spring-autumn and winter products), as well as to common trends and customers' expectations. We use materials of the highest quality, coming from Polish manufacturers and Italian suppliers.
Kusiak™ company is a high respected partner for national and foreign entrepreneurs. Since the beginning, we have always focused on the high quality of our products. Due to appropriate internal business policy and reasonable management, our company has consistently implemented all the solutions required to achieve such quality:

up-to-date machinery
high quality raw materials
strict control of the production process
well qualified professionals