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Kenzi Company was established in 1963 . During the initial stages it mainly produced stockings and socks, while only in the 1963's did the company take a particular interest in the manufacturing of sport and leisure time socks for man, woman and children. As a result of the increase in production, due to the need to meet customers requirements In 1999 the firm assumed the name Kenzi and combined the registered office and the production plant under the guidance of Family, who manage and control the company.
Kenzi is always one step ahead of the market. Its ability to predict new product lines, colors and characteristics result from its constant observation of the world of women and careful attention to their needs. Kenzi manufactures and markets all its goods internally. Presently the home market demand accounts for only a small percentage of production, whereas the foreign market demand accounts for nearly the entire production capacity. The company is represented by well known distributors in this field where the products are present in the most important shopping centers.
The company policy regarding management of the company's resources and the flexibility of its production capacity guarantees our customers top class service and assistance from the time of order confirmation to the final delivery of the goods. Random testing is carried out during all phases of manufacturing to guarantee that each item reaches the highest of quality standards. Client satisfaction is the main aim of our company.

The policy of Kenzi has always been to operate in function of quality and market expansion and, as a result, it is considered today to be a strong and trustworthy partner both on the Syrian and foreign markets.

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