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We have a wide assortment for women, men and children, and focus in particular on women in mid-life. Everything we do is about self-confidence through fashion and we want to help you find your style. No matter your age, size, shape and personality.

KappAhl we think that everyone should get to be just as they are. Therefore, we design clothes that fit you and that makes you feel good. We are, for example, the jeans brand that sells most of jeans in Sweden and we are the market leader in trousers - we sell nearly eight million pairs of trousers annually.

When we create our collections, our own design studio, we base our work on real insight about women. With us, it's you - just as you are - that is the ideal.

We listen to our customers and regularly asks what they think. And we understand women because we are women - over 90 percent of us who work at KappAhl are women and we are taking place at all levels of the company.

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