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Kàmila Support
The careful selection of threads and the graduated compression, from ankle to toe, effectively work to contrast circulation problems. They improve a patient's well-being and are therefore approved by patients, doctors and health care providers. The entire Kamila SUPPORT series, in double coated Lycra®, is made with the most modern and innovative threads. The Sanitized® treatment ensures a constant antibacterial action over time.

Kàmila Medical
The best cotton yarns along with the polyamidic elastic yarns provide a safe comfort to those with sensitive skin such as elderly people and sportspeople. Available in the design Regular and Long open toe (except Tights and Maternity Tights in KKL1) and Plus format in the Knee High and Thigh (one-leg). Cotton is 100% on the skin to provide a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Kàmila Embo-Control
For a safe prophylaxis of thrombosis