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The company "Peri" is successfully engaged in the promotion and sale of hosiery products under its own brand "PERI" in Kazahstana.Ko all delivered products quality certificate enclosed.The product range of more than 15 titles, 60-70 percent of which are in stock at the moment. What distinguishes us from many other firms, so that is what we will be able to supply the missing stock products of our manufacture to order, within a few days of the order, because the company "Peri" is the exclusive partner and distributor Manufacturing Company " Inspiration " .What distinguishes "Peri" from others?The production company «INSPIRATION» is a manufacturer of tights and from the very beginning of its activity focuses on elegance and unique design of its products, and concern about the accuracy of the production process and advanced technical equipment and ensures its high quality of their workmanship. Our task - to offer customers a variety of products.Currently in our offer you will find unique models featured in catalogs. Style of products under the trademark Peri also exceptional and unique as the women who, through products of our company are free to inquire demonstrate our products.What so distinguishes "Peri" from others?• All tights "Peri" are made to the highest quality standards, using the most advanced Western technology. On leaving our customers receive world-class quality product.• All threads are supplied by leading European manufacturers and thus undergo a complete quality control.• The plant has a unique high-tech equipment that allows the process to bring the production to perfection.• At each stage of production of such light and elegant products installed total quality control, which reduces complaints about our products to almost zero.• A wide range of tights and our product range allows our clients to make the best choice in any weather, under a varied wardrobe, a different mood.Today tights "Peri" began to gain popularity in Kazakhstan. The plans have a desire to enter the markets of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries. Planned for first deliveries in Europe.