Joyfullook  Logo
In 2014, Joyfullook was founded in Brooklyn, NY. Created to collaborate with unique apparel and accessories, handmade and creative brands, we embrace the talent of other entrepreneur and creative women, inviting designers and artists to collaborate with us and bring joyful handmade products to our community.

How do you bring something new and unique to a city that has it all? Joyfullook launched in the pop up shops of New York City, drawing many women of all ages to explore the amazing tights and scarves that can't be found anywhere else. From one pop up shop in manhattan we expanded to 5 pop up shops around the city, bringing more styles and more accessories every year.

Us, Mor and Revital, friends since childhood, grew up and traveled the world together. Moms and best friends living in New York, we started Joyfullook as a women-owned business, because we understand how important it is to support and empower each other. We believe success comes from sharing creativity, love and support.