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Jadran factory is leader in the production and sale of women's , men's and children's socks in the area.The factory was founded in 1930 in Zagreb , called Silk Stocking factory. At the end of the 1941 we changed its name to the Jadran Carape factory, which we proudly carrier till today.In 1994 Jadran was privatized and transformed into a joint stock company .The annual production of the company is 16 million pairs of socks. 70% of the capacity of the factory is busy producing women's classic and fashion programs, while others take the production capacity of male and children's programs.At the local markets, as well as on the international market, the products of the brand Jadran offered in major retail chains as well as a wide network of own stores.Throughout the long history of existence Jadran hosiery factory steadily growing annual revenue business providing basic values for which we stand: the vastness of the production program that meets all the needs and wishes of our customers, traditions and top quality products, using only the finest raw materials and high-tech manufacturing process, satisfaction our customers and employees, following the world trends.