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Italian brand Innamore is a part of INCANTO FASHION GROUP, which appeared in the middle of 2000-s. Today the assortment of the brand is wide enough and is including fantasy and classic tights, seductive stockings, cotton ans corsetery lingerie, nightwear and homewear.Innamore is the brand for people who like fashion. Designers of the brand create models for vivid people with an inquiring mind, who are not afraid of fashion experiments. They mix different images to look stylish and express their individuality.Production of the brand is a combination of latest fashion trends, Italian style, European quality at a loyal price.New slogan of Innamore brand became a basis of TV spot, created by a leading Italian advertizing agency, in summer 2012.Glamorous party starts at the countryside… Cocktails, music, flirtation and coquetry… Successful men and attractive women... But all eyes are fixed on her...

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