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We present you INEZ company , founded in 1991 and engaged in the production of high quality hosiery and other knitted products . Our factory has an established position resulting from the experience of the production on the domestic market . We offer a wide range of knitting products covered by the certificate of quality issued by the Institute of Textile Materials Engineering in Łódź.We offer products for women and children . We specialize in the manufacture of tights, stockings , knee-highs , socks , feet smooth and tights , knee-highs and socks patterned with the highest quality imported raw materials such as :- Lycra 15, 20 , 40,- Polyamide PA6.6 20, 40 , 60 , 80,- Microfiber 40 , 60, 80 , 100,- Stretch 15Our advantage is the extremely wide color products, and extremely competitive prices .We can also boast a fully automated technological process ( Lonati , Gussetter , Solis , Takatori , Detexomat ) , which has a tremendous impact on the quality of the products , especially the finish.Compulsory inspection of the product at each stage of production can guarantee you the highest quality , repeatable color and size .Despite the passage of years and the many changes occurring in the manufacture of hosiery , our product enjoys a reputation among its customers and users , the best proof is to obtain a Gold Certificate of Reliability 2013 .Good quality product and customer satisfaction - is our success.