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Our culture
Tights generally tear, leaving the wearer in an uncomfortable situation which requires immediate attention....

What makes our product a masterpiece?

We evolve from the desire to satisfy an ongoing need in the legwear lovers lifestyle.
I SEE YOUR LEGS gives you the solution to easily bring along an extra pair of tights.
JUST IN CASE stays as the key driver of our product mantra into LEGWEAR TO GO
The golden bag is small and flexible, with an instant opening - tear the bag and inside you will find a pair of high quality classic tights, ready to wear.

I SEE YOUR LEGS culture stands for luxurious legwear in a handy package.

Our Vision
We seek for high standards in techniques and hosiery practices, quality and service.
Our vision is to create a culture where legwear lovers around the world will daily bring along I SEE YOUR LEGS as the ultimate preference to accomplish the daily outfit.

Designed in Denmark, Made in Italy, packed in Germany and delivered to the World

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