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Goldenlady is the main trademark of the Group and leader in the Italian women hosiery sector in the mass retail channel, both for retail and wholesale distribution. The brand is also active in Germany, France, Spain and Eastern Europe. Goldenlady manufactures a wide range of collections of tights, stockings, socks and underwear. For its Goldenpoint shops the Company also designs exclusive women beachwear and children swimsuits, such as "Saltallegro beachwear", the collection for children. The strength of Goldenlady is to offer high quality articles at competitive prices and to meet the needs of any customer, from young dynamic girls to women with little time for shopping but still looking for comfort, fashion and quality. In 1999 by acquiring Kaiser-Roth Corporation, a leading company in the U.S. market with the brands NoNonsense and Hue, Goldenlady Company enters the American women and men hosiery market. With excellent sales numbers the Group holds a prominent position in the sector and with the brand NoNonsense ranks second in the segment of classic tights across the main Food/Drug/Mass distribution channel (26,6% of market share); with Hue the Group is leader in the sectors of opaque stockings (88,6% of shares), socks (37,1% of shares), women knee socks (51,9% of shares), and in the Department and Speciality Store distribution channel. Hue collections of pyjamas, women tracksuits, colorful and dynamic legwear, underwear and hosiery - all keeping up with the latest trends - have gained international success and become synonymous with comfort and wearability.

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