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Holstinka -brand of tights and stockings, socks, swimwear and underwear for everyday use for women, men and children. All products are made only from high quality raw materials, which has in its composition of natural ingredients: 'Every Day'- line of hosiery products of medium and Mid price range for women. channels - grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets , as well as any of the kiosks to retail specialty stores. Basically it is a model for everyday wear, both independently and as a clothing 'under pants.' The largest range of 15 to 450 den den. Models with 'NUDO' - effect, corrective, modeling, 'fishnet' have stable sales in supermarkets. Pantyhose with a cotton gusset and a retail price of 60 rubles. on the counter easily compete with other brands. ' Perle e Diamanti '- line of products of the highest quality in the middle and upper-middle price range for women. Distribution channels, specialty stores, perfume stores, shops, clothing and footwear. Fashion trend, double Pipe wrap yarn, 3D-weaving - necessary characteristics of this line of products. A huge variety of socks, fashion drawings, tulle effect, anti-cellulite effect termokolgotok huge variety of colors and can solve the problem of searching for any product, the most exquisite, the taste. ' Move Hot '- a special line of leggings and tights, designed to be worn in the' sub-zero 'temperatures ' Cotton skin '- nanotechnology products underwear seamless dual layer underwear. Cotton layer close to the body, and a layer of microfiber is outside (not to be confused with the washing microfiber). It is very convenient for everyday wear, for sport. On the one hand - a great price, the original composition of tissue. On the other - long term use, high grade, natural and highest comfort. Also in this series are designed breeches and shorts (SLIMMY) Waist stomach and thighs. ' Iron for Men 'and' for Lady '- toe the line of products for men and women high crest, as well as mercerized cotton MicroModal and bamboo. This socks and. shirts, pants, shirts, turtlenecks and other clothing classic style with a lot of colors and the same raw materials are produced in the lines ' Montera 'for women and' C Aliber 'for men. New season - from underwear thread 'Trevira' and warming cotton. available for children two lines of tights from natural raw materials and (or) micro Girls ' Ragazza 'and pants for boys' giovane '. ' Holstinka Summer collection '- is created annually collection of luxury swimwear fabrics of Italian manufacturer 'Carvico SpA' with fashionable prints and patterns are still valid more than one season. Perfect landing, the high level of production, will lead the consumer for repeat purchases. HOLSTINKA - it's great professionals with more than 10 years of experience, many of whom work in the fashion industry in the second generation. Designers, technologists, vendors and, of course, consumers are developing brand, developing the range, and taking care of quality. Headquartered in Prague, the heart of Europe, and the production of raw materials is laid in Italy and Germany, the main supplier of raw materials and equipment 'Holstinka', then for subsequent operations using manual labor is further transported to Eastern Europe, after which production falls to Russia . invite you to cooperate any shopping format: dealers network of entrepreneurs. We can help open chain mono-brand stores 'Holstinka' on franchising . Purchased operating profitable stores for reformatting. consider rental options in the mall.