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The mark HeleneOui! represents the point of diamond of the CALZIFICIO TOGNONI , a firm founded in 1966 by ENRICO TOGNONI, the first administrator that, today is still the conductor and the protagonist. A great tradition always careful to the technological evolution, both in the machineries and in the yarns and in their workmanship, it is guarantee of a product of high quality.
An advanced repertoire of searches and product development, united to the most modern productive lines, always guarantee, an elevated and constant quality of the product, while a business philosophy constantly brim to the consumer satisfaction guarantees to the clientele a service and an assistance of first order. Close to the most traditional articles of daily use, the mark HélèneOui! gives its own customers a long serie of specific products that goes from the most actual imaginations to the most classical products realized with yarns and productive latest technologies.

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