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Having worked in banking and consulting for many years, we have met amazing women along the way with whom we immediately clicked. They were rare, but they do exist - cool and independent high flyers. They were the fun ones - intelligent, mischievous, energetic and unconventional. We call them Hedoines: hedonistic heroines. You could even recognize them by their business outfits. Fashionable and outstanding, they always had a sense of style. Because stylish business attire is hard to find, we were inspired to quit our jobs and just do it ourselves. After all, what is more exciting than the thrill, the adventure, the ups and downs of having your own company? We push the boundaries of the conventional business dress code and bring innovation and unique detailing to every piece of the business uniform. So, thank you to all the Hedoines around the world supporting us - and those we have yet to meet.

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