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Practical line of tights "Grace" is designed for those who are used to skimp on price, not on quality. The collection of pantyhose "Grace" presents a model that will be a good addition to the wardrobe of any woman. Models with a low waistline and classic, very thin with a cool effect for the hot days and warmed with the addition of wool. Any fashionista knows that special attention when choosing "clothes for my legs" should be given to the invoice of the product. The collection of pantyhose "Grace" and you'll find silky tights with Lycra that will wrap your legs slight shimmer and matte stricter model. But the main feature of tights "Grace" - their practicality: they are resistant to the appearance of puffs and very durable. In particularly sensitive areas, many models are specially sealed for added protection.All models for the collection of "Grazia Fashion» developed by one of the leading Italian designers in the field of women's clothing Claudio Domiani. In Italy, the capital of fashion, it is believed that fancy tights - an integral part of an attractive female image. "Grace Fashion» - the freshest line of fancy tights. This season, the Italian designer, Claudio Domiani, offers a new collection of fancy tights. Bright, effektyne and attractive models to attract attention to your legs. They are not only organically fit into the wardrobe of any woman, but will recover even a strict order. With a new collection of pantyhose "Grace Fashion" change their way has become much easier.

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