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After a long experience in the stocking industry, dating back to 1933, Mr Domenico Girardi establishes “Calzificio Girardi” in 1954.

Since its early years, Girardi brand name has been synonym of both sophisticated ladies elegance and top quality products.

During the late seventies Girardi becomes a well known name throughout Italy, combining its first purpose - supplying selected retail stores with highest quality products - with a strong growth.

In 1998 Girardi Srl is created as operating company, in order to serve domestic and international customers by a dynamic and efficient structure.

Our mission is to give life to an idea of absolute elegance and fashion, through continuous research of styles, colours, graphic themes and technical solutions. Our everyday challenge is to produce special articles and items of absolutely new concepts along with basics of extreme elegance, in order to meet the most sophisticated needs and the most difficult requests.

We produce all our items inside our works in Reggio Emilia where the attention to every tiny detail accompanies our passion for hosiery.

Special attention is given to the choice of precious yarns, that is made according to the strictest standards, so that we are able to give our special touch feeling and comfort.

Our stockings are manufactured by the highest and latest technology machinery, with added components conceived and crafted inside our premises for an effort to overtake the limits of the technical possibilities currently available.

All the production steps are followed by a one-by-one quality test, an accurate and meticulous procedure that allows very high quality standards.

A careful customer selection policy is been pursued so that today we share the best specialised shops with the most important brands of ladies’ fashion.

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