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We manufacture the famous Gio/Debut brands of hosiery and are long established Fully Fashioned and seam free knitters in Derbyshire, England.

Why choose our hosiery?

We manufacture authentic ranges of Fully Fashioned (seamed) and Reinforced Heel and Toe (seamless) stockings on original Reading knitting machines. We are one of the last remaining companies in the world to knit Fully Fashioned stockings on these authentic machines just as they were made in the 1960’s, only a handful remain operational in the world today. Our stockings are shipped around the world to people who appreciate the quality and skill that goes into producing each pair. Gio stockings are unique, 100% Nylon and made by a skilled team in our factory in England. If you are looking for unrivalled quality and authentic hosiery you have come to the right place. These Nylon stockings will complete your look whilst giving you a touch of elegance and class.
What range of hosiery do we manufacture?

We are pleased to be able to offer a large selection of different stocking styles including 4 authentic Fully Fashioned Heel styles: Cuban, Point, Havana and Manhattan. We pride ourselves on excellent quality which is monitored throughout the manufacturing process. Our Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT) stockings are knitted on original Pendolina knitting machines and are a popular option for people wanting the 1950’s look without the back seam. All of our stockings are made from 100% Nylon and are 15 denier. We also manufacture opaque Tights which are made on our Fully Fashioned Reading machines and are a perfect warmer option for the colder weather. All of our hosiery is made in our factory in Derbyshire, England by a team of experienced knitters, seamers and finishing technicians who join together to make the popular hosiery which is known and loved around the world.

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