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Perhaps an accountant, an architect, a friend, a 10K runner, but a hunter's what you are, not "something inside yours."

And as hunting're all different. It is the game that looks, sighs, comments, jealousy and envy, that makes you feel the man is he who conquers. Which does not believe in horoscopes or magazines, which does not avoid mirrors, which stops only enter talks with a place.

And are you, hunter, who know that life is too short to wait for things to happen; better than anyone know the strength of your will, the scope of your determination, the power you have in your legs when you put them to walk any battlefield.

Your senses are activated and relaxed, calm you, you start to feel the taste in the mouth, fresh and plentiful, and that is the queen of the jungle knowing you.

Something happens. Something strained muscle, which accelerates the blood and makes the adrenaline run through your veins. And then, something changes.

Everything changes. He began hunting season.

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