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Founded in 1904 by Stephane Gerbe, Manufacture of hosiery GERBE, in Saint Vallier in Southern Burgundy, has perpetuated over the years the values ??and traditions that have been and still are famous. Now labeled French Heritage Company, Manufacture GERBE experienced throughout its history of ups and downs ... but mostly stockings and tights! Because in this area, the brand is a legend, and has been for over a century. GERBE La Manufacture, remained a family business for many years, enjoyed thereafter the horrors and vicissitudes of detention by financial institutions , including many changes of direction and several episodes of receivership. Since 2003, and after these many changes, she is reborn and found stability under the direction of Alain Regad, who became the owner through Rhovyl. A rich unparalleled expertise for over 100 years, GERBE makes it a point of honor to offer its clients products of the highest quality. With this in mind, the majority of which compose the son hosiery is produced internally within the Company Rhovyl, which allows full control of Manufacture flows of supplies. Today more than ever, the Manufacture GERBE and small hands are the jewel of the brand and are the pride of their boss. GERBE brand has built its reputation for excellence on essential values ??that contribute to its success today and its sustainability: a traditional craft manufacture 100% made in France, a unique know-how, but also the choice of materials Exclusive first and handcraftsmanship Haute Couture for unparalleled comfort.La Manufacture GERBE is one of the latest hosiery factories in France. More than 100 people work at the site of Saint Vallier to continue with this passion of making art in French. GERBE the Manufacture has remained faithful to its traditions and maintain expertise artisan while renewing, through relevant stylistic research and a strong presence in the fashion world. In constant innovation, GERBE offers highly technical products cleverly combines comfort and aesthetic and pushes the pursuit of excellence into research chromatic lead by example in the range ETHNIC COLOURS 15 whose colors fit perfectly with all shades of skin and legs sublime of all women: European, African, Asian ... pasting is not only a fashion accessory, it is makeup.