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Company FERAX brand owner Gatta was established in 1993. Years of intensive development and investment in modern machinery have resulted in getting a leadership position - now the company is one of the largest and most modern factories in Europe.The company, whose primary objective is to satisfy customers every year expanding its offer with new products. Currently, products from Gatta are: - Gatta Collant - a collection of tights and stockings for women enriched each year by dozens of new designs in two collections - spring and summer and autumn-winter. - Gatta Beauty - a line of modern tights with special properties, which act almost like a visit to the spa. Have special fibers, which, depending on the model: shape silhouette, cool, improve circulation in the legs, help fight cellulite, as well as being ideal for pregnant women - Gatta Bodywear - collection of underwear and clothing created for fashionable appearance and luxurious well-being of women. Clothing was created using the most advanced seamless technology and fine yarns with excellent properties. - Gatta Cottoline - under which are available for children, cotton tights, socks and knee-highs. - Gatta Active - sportswear designed for people who care about the health and trendy look. - Gatta Active Shapewear - silhouette shaping underwear for anti-cellulite properties. - Gatta Active Swimwear - swimwear collection, ideal for both the pool and the beach. - Gatta Underwear for man - underwear for menIn Poland products from Gatta are available close to 100 showrooms in major Polish cities and in good lingerie shops and tights. In addition to the domestic market of the widely popular are also sold in the European Union, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia and even in countries such as Mongolia and Australia.FERAX company with brand Gatta , existing for several years has achieved not only commercial success but was also appreciated by clients.

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