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It`s no secret that traditional tights leave much to be desired. I discovered this for myself while working in finance. Tights were my go-to work uniform, but did I enjoy wearing them? You might as well ask me if I enjoyed feeling squeezed in, cut off, twisted, and itchy. Would anyone choose to feel this way? Don`t we all yearn for a sense of ease and freedom?

In 1991 when war broke out, my family left our home in Azerbaijan and fled west to Armenia. After a lengthy wait, we were finally admitted to the United States as refugees. Growing up, all we wanted was to feel comfortable and safe in our skin, to be ourselves, to belong.

Over time, I learned that feeling at home in your body and at peace with yourself is work you have to do from the inside-out. Yes, it`s inner work, but we could all use a little help from our friends.

I created Garni to bring people together and turn tights upside down. To craft soft, luxurious, truly comfortable legwear that move with our bodies. To help us all be more open with ourselves, and with the universe. To bolster a culture that believes in our right to love whomever wins our heart. To learn, to play, to vote, to drive. To speak. To say no. To say hell yes! To be free.