Gaetano Cazzola

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The company Gaetano Cazzola lives in a world dedicated to women for forty years and always creates styles for women.
The success of the Cazzola family is given by the constant search for innovation in materials, from the study of the fashions at international level and experience inherited from a family activity, which now boasts of forty years of history.
The research and use of the best yarns took the woman to ensure the maximum comfort, without having to renounce their femininity.
Stockings, tights and socks are produced with innovative manufacturing techniques that making the brand Gaetano Cazzola and its products, unique in style and design.

The Cazzola company’s philosophy is to never be satisfied with what is in production, but to study and revise your own product, your idea , without limitation .

Collection development start from an idea and follow the inner instinct and creativity of Marta and Roberta Cazzola. The end result is a unique product, which is seen by the market always as a proposal charming and fashion .
The brand Gaetano Cazzola is the result of an art craft : every sock, tights, stocking point out shades, bright colors, fashion details, able to melt to the unique quality, extreme comfort and refined details.

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