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FOGAL was founded in 1921 in Zurich and is now an internationally established luxury brand in the legwear and knitwear sector.InnovationThe invention of Nylon stockings (1938) ushered in a boom time at FOGAL. As the first importer of this revolutionary leg wear, Fogal once again proved his fine-tuned sense of innovation and elegance.Women often queued up in long lines in front of FOGAL shops to get their own pair of the new ‘Nylons'. The faces expressed that much more disappointment when after just a few hours the stock was sold and the shop had to close for business.Fogal and ArtThe successful co-operation with artist Allen Jones in 1974 sparked subsequent collaborations, with an international array of renowned artists engaged by FOGAL to design tote/shopping bags and advertising materials. Among them were Donald Baechler, Erté, C.O. Paeffgen, Nicola de Maria, Sandra Chia, Mimmo Rotella, George Condo and Malcom Morley. FOGAL - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow After the death of Léon Fogal the company was acquired by the Zurich banker Walter Meier in 1968. Balthasar Meier turned the six Swiss branches into an international enterprise. In 1982 he opened a store in New York and soon afterwards in Paris, London and Tokyo, to name just a few. 2009 was the dawn of a new era for FOGAL. Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul and his Gaydoul Group secured the luxury brand with a cult character. Thanks to his commitment, Philippe Gaydoul has strengthened the brand for a promising future.Materials that Arouse DesireFOGAL products are accomplished with the use of soft exquisite materials such as cashmere, silk, alpaca and baby camelhair – sometimes for a smooth and silky effect, sometimes to lend a cooling elegance. FOGAL has mastered the art of maintaining the unique identity of these materials, using subtle, delicate manufacturing precision to transform them into modern, highly feminine products.FOGAL products bring a new dimension to seeing and feeling, allowing materials and design to meld harmoniously to form an individual, unusual, exceptional whole. Lightweight protection, longings and emotions meet in these unique garments. To wear FOGAL is to underscore one's natural self-confidence and to give expression to one's individual character – you can't have too much of that.A Brand that MovesWhen the shape of a stocking lends perfection to a woman's leg, shaping it advantageously and embracing it with sensuous materials and textures, therein lies the total FOGAL statement.The FOGAL brand stands for unparalleled expertise in the hosiery sector, a reputation earned by over ninety years of experience in the business. From the very beginning, FOGAL focused on its customers' demands for a reliable product. The skill and knowledge in the manufacture of its products – hosiery and leg wear – represent the extraordinary potential the brand possesses. FOGAL has also used its unique expertise to establish exceptional renown in the areas of knitwear and body wear. Emotionality and perfection: the result of the stance the FOGAL brand takes towards its product.

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