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Ingesa was created in 1963 with eleven employees and 10 Gustav Krenzler circular knitting machines. In 1971 Ingesa implemented the process of texturing yarn and by 1975 the company had developed the production of Cristine automatic machines, Which include processes of inspection, semi-boarding and classification of pantihoses. In 1985, in a team effort with the Swiss company Heberlein, Ingesa develops a spindle for false twist texturing.Since 1963 INGESA has been manufacturing top quality hosiery products. Nowadays it has become the top producer in Latin America. Through continuos growing effort, INGESA now has vertically integrated its manufacturing process, including yarn spinning, texturing, knitting, sewing, dyeing, finishing and packaging. To ensure a high quality control is applied.In 1988, in cooperation with the sames Swiss company, Ingesa develops a special process to cover spandex. Anylon spinning plant was built in 1988 and in 1991 Ingesa started a process to computerize the entire lant. Today Ingesa has a production capacity of 4.800.000 pairs of panty hoses per month.

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