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Our challenge is to create better living standards with our quality Leg-wear and Underwear. Happiness (FUKU) Assist (SKE) COMPANYRegarding our products, we have our original stocking brand "Femozione", sock brand "Fukuske for Women", Lady's leg-wear brand "L'idee" and "f-ing", Men's socks brand "SHAPERS for Men", which has leg tightening effects. We have become well-known for adding these new brands and maintaining established brands.As far as our evolving company store business is concerned, we have "Fukuske transit" at Omiya station "Ecute", "Calzalone" in Roppongi hills, and "Fukuske Outlet" stores. Again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our store customers.Furthermore, KB Fukuske Corporation (former : Kanebo stocking Limited) has been contributing to enhance our group's potentiality as well as Shikoku Fukuske Corporation (tabi manufacturer) and Fukuske Logistics Corporation (a distributor).While we preserve to maximize our accumulated know-how plus the tradition of a long history, we are innovating new fashionability. Our commitment to the challenge of successful development is enduring