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Filodoro is a brand with a long history and one of the most renowned brands in the international hosiery industry, a brand which stands out for the sheer width and variety of its product range and the products' excellent quality. Filodoro was established in 1982 in Casalmoro and in 1993 it was taken over by an American multinational company.In 2003 Filodoro became part of the Golden Lady Company SpA group, at that time already a leading brand in the hosiery sector, joining such major hosiery brands like Philippe Matignon, already part of the group.Golden Lady Company SpA is located in Northern Italy, in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua province), in one of the most important hosiery manufacturing industrial districts in the world.QUALITY FOR ALL OCCASION. Filodoro's mission and tradition include constant research and study to achieve maximum quality in hosiery while guaranteeing perfect fit, durability and comfort without renouncing to a good price-quality ratio. Filodoro continuously renews itself in order to offer a broad and complete range of tights and stockings to meet the most diverse needs and tastes of an increasingly more scrupulous and demanding target audience: women and men of all ages.CollectionsFilodoro's product offer has always stood out for high quality, perfect fit and highly durable products.Wide collections of tights and stockings, fashionable or classic, in tune with the latest fashion trends and good for any occasion, from the simplest and most informal models to the most elegant and sophisticated ones, good for every age and every taste and to meet the most diverse needs of customers. And it is not by chance that for each "golden yarn" there is a woman... The consumers perceive the brand's image as multifaceted and indeed the brand's structure is quite complex as it features six different product lines each dedicated to some of the six distribution channels (including traditional and modern ones), in Italy and abroad. Filodoro distributes Filodoro Calze, its famous and "basic" line, through haberdasheries and traditional retail stores as well as local itinerant vendors, in order to offer customers an excellent choice of good value for money products.As regards Filodoro Classic, the brand's top and largest line featuring the highest quality and elegance, valuable yarns and unparalleled care for the details, Filodoro employs a network of qualified distributors, each with its own exclusive area, focusing on the department stores and traditional stores.Filodoro also has developed a special line for the main supermarket and shopping centres chains: Filodoro GD, a collection of good quality and good fit tights and stockings with a remarkable price-quality ratio which stands out for a totally new graphic layout of the packages and a clear-cut division in segments.And to satisfy the widely diversified needs of male customers Filodoro has developed a male-only complete and sophisticated socks line, produced only in Italy: Filodoro Uomo. Filodoro hosiery distribution and marketing Lastly, there are two lines which are available in all market channels: Filodoro Fashion, started in 2005, which features products with precious, sophisticate luxury finishes and unique patterns and designs in tune with current fashion trends, and the lively, widely varied knee-highs and socks collection Filodoro For My Free Time, started in 2004 with the aim of providing a unique and extraordinary look to continuously evolving women.

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