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' We emphasize your beauty - the motto of Favorit '.From the first day of its foundation (1989), the company ' Favorite 'set a single goal - to produce quality and stylish products for the better half of humanity.The company ' Favorite 'has a long history and is the first Russian company producing tights European quality, meet all the requirements of international standards.Production company is equipped with modern high-tech Italian ( Lonati , Cortese ), German ( Mauzer - Lok , Zinger ) and Japanese ( Yamato , Takatori ) equipment that allows us to achieve excellent quality, satisfying the most demanding customers, and emphasizes the popularity of the low price of our products. These properties are attractive for both wholesale and retail merchants, and for ordinary buyers.Nilit. SensilIn our company's products using environmentally friendly materials the best manufacturers - mercerized cotton fiber.LycraTastes in women known to be quite whimsical. It's not easy to please and supporters extravagant style and practical prude . But with this problem for many years successfully copes ' Favorite ".We produce a wide range of products (over 100 products), different variety of models, drawings, types of stitches from 15 to 350 den .Tights are no longer insignificant element of women's clothing. The most popular model - bikini with laced panties, fantasy collection, tights with a corrective effect and others. Size range - from 1 to 6 size . All models are available in classic colors.Improving technology, the use of new kinds of raw materials, creative designers and stylists search allows us to represent each season a new collection of our products.I want to note the fact that our products are included in the Registry of the International Academy Golden independent experts and the Association of producers of high quality goods and services and the latest collection received the diploma of the first degree in the contest 'Best Goods' . The company has repeatedly participated in regional, national and international exhibitions, our products were awarded with diplomas of the first degree, gold and silver medals. 'Favorite' produces a new generation of pantyhose, gentle, smooth and soft, stretching in all directions, tight to the body, creating the effect of a 'second skin' and emphasizing the natural beauty of the female feet, by the way, the legs of Russian women, internationally recognized themselves beautiful.Our products are widely known in Russia. Sustainable partnerships with major wholesale and retail businesses and shops of Moscow, the Volga cities, the North, Siberia and the Far East provides a stable character of the company and provide an opportunity to further improve the product.We are interested to work with each client, whether large firms, shops or individual entrepreneurs, providing flexible commercial work environment, individual approach and high quality service.We are proud of what we have achieved in recent years. We do not stand still, we develop, think and grow together with you.