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These tights make legs
Whether transparent, opaque, classic, supportive or functional - the tights in different DEN-strengths give legs a beautiful appearance. So one of our Satin Sheers Tights with its slightly shiny appearance to the particularly elegant tights and the use of Lycra makes for a comfortable fit. They therefore suitable for each leg and every occasion.

we find great!
Highlight of Fascino-assortment are the thigh high. With its romantic lace legs are shown beautifully staged. Even those who preferred Shape products, will find it here! Discover, for example, abdomen, legs, Po-tights in various DEN-strengths that gently shapes a slim silhouette and round out the diverse Fascino range.

Classic and fashion for every day
Whether booties, sneakers, socks, stockings and tights - we have a wide variety ready for every season and in different grades of cotton to bamboo fiber. The men are not forgotten: For men we carry a great selection of basics and fashionable stockings for the perfect appearance.

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