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Faberlic is world's No1 oxygen cosmetics company operating through network of independent Sales Consultants.Faberlic is currently represented in 24 countries of the world.More than 1 million Sales Consultants successfully promoting Faberlic cosmetics to tens of millions of people across the globe.Faberlic is one of the leading MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies and a member of International Association of Direct Sales. Faberlic range includes skincare products containing unique oxygen complex and various active ingredients, body and haircare products, make-up and perfume, ammonia-free hair colourants and various seasonal accessories.Faberlic operates its own Scientific Research Centre with ongoing studies to improve quality of our products.All skincare cosmetics is produced on our own manufacturing plant in Moscow, make up is produced by the largest Italian corporation INTERCOS, and all perfume ranges are designed by world's famous French perfumers.Our main achievement is tens of millions of happy customers, men and women, who are using our cosmetics on the daily bas

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