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Evona company is the largest Czech manufacturer of hosiery and also belongs among the largest manufacturers of underwear. In Chrudim, where the company´s headquarters, warehouses and even complete production is placed, there is annually produced:

-Over 8,000,000 pieces of hosiery,
-over 400,000 pieces of underwear and thermo underwear,of which 30% is directed to demanding foreign markets.
-Why is our company succesfull? Because of the high quality and reasonable prices!

Evona is a Czech brand that employs directly or through its business partners, several hundreds of employees. Not only the quality, favourable prices, but the loyalty of employees and customers appreciating Czech origin, contribute to strengthening of the Evona brand position on market.

Evona became a public company in 2001. Still, however, it is a purely CZECH company, because it is owned by only one Czech shareholder.

In May 2010 Evona established a subsidiary - sheltered workshop Evona PLUS Ltd., which employs mostly staff with disabilities.