Etam  Logo
Etam is one of the leading brands for fashion essentials for young, urban, modern women, attracted by the key fashion trends of the season. Its development is based on three core product areas – the key fashion pieces, basic products and accessories. Its products fall into three different categories – city wear, casual chic that can be worn both during the week and at the weekend and weekend wear. Its accessories ranges are expanding in their own right, with priority positions in store and through the existing partnership with MOA. A significant proportion of stores in Europe have undergone renovation in order to allow for more stylish displays of collections and to organise how customers move through the store. Customers can now see the whole product range as they wish and, thanks to more frequent rotations, find new items on each visit. Store windows – the main means of conveying the brand image with the sales outlet itself – focus on the fashion essentials with simple, modern decor to highlight the products themselves, which can then be found easily inside the store.