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Calzificio MURA Spa has competence and experience that comes from far away. Mura Family begins to operate in hosiery sector from 1956 and in 1969, Luigi Mura and his wife Ida founded the Company.From then Calzificio MURA Spa has become a well known name all over the World, above all for its philosophy: search the quality of product and service.Great goals are proved from the expansion of the group: the Head Offi ce and other 3 productive plants (two in Asola, one in Solferino and one in Montichiari) are located inside the Italian Hosiery Cluster where the culture of stockings has been born and where the major part of the world production is made.In tune with the globalization of markets, the Company has acquired one Distribution Company in France and has reached a production partnership with a Rumanian company.Also thanks to these assets Calzificio MURA Spa is present in an increasing number of markets, by its own Brands MURA, MERI and DIVINE, and with most prestigious PRIVATE LABELS, asserting with pride the own belongings "Made in Italy" like fashion, quality and innovation.