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Sales of tights and hosiery is our domain for many years, both in retail and online sales. Stockings sold in our store are products of Italian origin. Because of concern about the quality we sell tights , we supply at the leading Italian manufacturers who offer products of the highest class. Often there are products widely distributed on the Polish market, which create a unique offer for women who appreciate the uniqueness of sophisticated tights or stockings . We also tights and stockings few Polish manufacturers based on the opinions and experiences of customers associated with these products. Many clients who had bought tights manufacturers like. Omero, Sisi or Levante, they are delighted and appreciate their quality and comfort compared to the commonly purchased hosiery in Poland. Satisfaction of all our customers is our top priority, which results in them confidence and pleasure to use the products we sell.

In addition, we introduced the products of our brand "Elite Lady." Based on years of experience and contact with many models of tights and stockings, we created stockings and so-called "tights as stockings" also called "Strippanty."