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From the past up to the presentPastELITE a.s., with its more than 80-year tradition, belongs to the oldest manufacturers of hosiery in the Czech Republic.The company was established in Varnsdorf in 1924 under the name J. Kunert & Sohne. Julius Kunert, the founder, built up an enterprise that was well-known in all Europe and the products of which were worn by virtually half Europe during the interwar period.After WWII, Kunert's plant was put under state control and renamed to ELITE n.p. in 1947. Since then until today, hosiery has been sold under the brand name ELITE.In 1994, the privatized national enterprise was transformed to a corporation carrying the same name.TodayThe contemporary ELITE corporation features quality, highly developed technology and up-to-date facilities enabling the company to flexibly respond to market demand.Production in ELITE a.s. covers the whole product range of fine hosiery - tights, stockings, knee-highs, socks as well as anckle socks.Our company keeps track of fashion trends and co-operates with leading Czech fashion designers to develop new products.Customer satisfaction is our aim!