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We Egeo Poland started its operations in 1998. Since 1998, as Egeo-POLAND we are a manufacturer of hosiery products. The company is based in Lodz, ul. Electron 18, and there also is the whole technological process of production from knitting stockings by the dye, sewing, stability, and ending with packed. We have modern machinery and qualified personnel, which, thanks to continued cooperation with the best Italian hosiery industry professionals to systematically improve their qualifications. Using the latest technology and high quality materials and rigorous manufacturing process we obtain the highest quality products. For dyeing and softening processes, we use environmentally friendly measures. Aware that women attach great importance to his appearance went out to meet them, offering six different hosiery collection, from popular to exclusive in a variety of colors and an interesting design. Egeo products offer elegance, health, wellbeing and affordable price.

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