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Orient Star was founded in 1997, currently employs more than 2,000 people, is a manufacturing, international trade, freight forwarders, and other industries as one of the diversified group of companies, products and industries covered socks, underwear, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics , carpet, new building materials, real estate and so on. The company by leaps and bounds to get the leadership at all levels of the community sessions consensus. Orient Star Holdings, Dubai, United Arab Emirates under the jurisdiction of Eastern Star Trading Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shi Ni Di Knitting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Orient Star Jewelry Co., Ltd Zhejiang hehe, Zhejiang Jie Jie Import & Export Co., Ltd. and other companies. 2010, Orient Star Holdings Group invested one hundred million yuan to build knit brand - pedicle Shini, invested heavily from Italy, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the introduction of advanced production equipment and the latest brand concept, hired a peer experts and experienced professionals to strengthen and enhance the pedicle Shini strong design team and the marketing team strategically.Pedicle Shini focus on the global market, China determined to do the best socks and underwear. In the future, we will work with pedicle Shini worldwide customers and employees a pedicle Shini create a "knit empire", so that the century-old brand in China to usher in a better tomorrow.