DiSeta  Logo
Di Seta is the hosiery and underwear brand since 1991 trade by Marbet company. Thanks to the many years of experience in the field of tights, stockings and socks manufacture we was able to create our main brand. Our factory is located In Łódź, where we produce and dye the tights and introduce new styles. We import the highest quality raw material from Italy due to the fact that Italian yarn is reputed the most excellent in its sector. The top quality of workmanship and wide color range is our priority.
In our offer you can find the universal styles and colors of tights and stocking, so essential in feminine wardrobe. We focus on classical hight-performing styles and carefully selected color spectrum corresponding to our customer’s needs. Thanks to direct contact with our Clients we have created wide palette of colors we are proud of. We offer 19 shades of tights for all the types of women’s skin tone.
On 1991 we have released a collection of 3 classical tights types made from lycra named „Classic Fashion” which remain still popular among our Clients.
When a few years ago we wanted to change the layout of packaging, our Clients strongly protested. According to their wishes the pack tights remains unchanged.
This year, we have decided to expand our product range with a new line of tights - Yasmin Matt. Due to the demand for tights without shininess, of strong matte structure, we introduced a new type of tights made from innovative nylon yarn refracting light. Yasmin Matt give to the women legs perfectly flawless and natural look. When properly selected skin tone, the tights will be invisible on the leg.