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Born from the idea of ​​design as a skin envelope, the fascination that has through the intervention of the object, making the perceptual and symbolic raising of the same dimension.

Feel the intervention of each pair of socks as the way, not as intended. Feel each design as a unique product of a specific mental, emotional and spiritual state. Feel each garment with a gift in letting your soul, expressing feelings, sensations. Diente De Leon recognizes the uniqueness of the garment as each woman, highlighting those elements that differentiate us from others.

Diente De Leon hosiery are born as thoughts, conversations, relations, born of observation, be careful, spontaneity and freedom, surprise, you never know what will be the trigger of a beautiful idea. Once this enters the body, slowly matures, taking shape, on the way out shapes and textures that surprise and enrich the original idea.

Diente De Leon is about women from the warmth of a product made by hand, one by one, putting heart and energy to each garment, making each print unique and unrepeatable product.
Diente De Leon speaks of the duality between the delicacy of the material and strength of the drawing, recognizing his soul and form.

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