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We at Devenolux have the objective of selling support hosiery of the highest quality at a fair price. From knee socks to pantyhose – we offer a broad selection of colors for every style. The graduated compression and the shaping effect support your legs ideally and shape them perfectly. This prevents swelling and relaxes tired and aching legs.

comfortable & best wear comfort
fashionable & timeless design
stable & functional
highest quality

The right compression, from the toes to the bottom
Support hosiery from DVLX offers a graduated compression, it is strongest in the ankle area, the compression is reduced toward the pelvis.

This technology supports the muscle pump and has a positive effect on circulation. Long periods of sitting or standing make the blood pool in the lower limbs; the graduated compression stimulates the transport of blood from the legs to the heart.

This greatly reduces risk of varicose veins and other complaints, such as swelling or the feeling of heavy legs.

The ergonomic shape of the DVLX hosiery increases the comfort and effectiveness.