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Tights are unisex . Although in the world of fashion women have taken over tights, they were originally exclusively men s clothing. Today there is no reason why a man should not wear tights.
Through their simplified production method and the way they are cut, modern tights are specially adapted to the female anatomy. So it is understandable that a man may have difficulties with the fit of support tights. For as the name says, support tights support . For a woman, this effect in the panty part of the tights is often even desirable.

Our soon to be patented solution now also enables men to utilize the health and aesthetic advantages of tights without having to forgo comfort.
With today s technology there is no longer anything unaesthetic or even unpleasant about the support effect! It has nothing more to do with the earlier Granny look . Try it for yourself and you will see it and feel it, I assure you. That is what I have determined, and that is also Comfort4Men s motto.
Sportsmen even experience a further effect through the support - an improvement in performance.
Our support tights are pleasant to wear even in summer, as support tights have more of a cooling effect, which again is an advantage in vein problems. If the tights are too cold for you in winter, you can easily wear warmer tights over them.