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CIFRA Spa though already leader in this field with a well-established and technologically advanced industrial production capacity, makes ongoing investments in research and development of new materials.Cifra spa uses only the best quality yarns to supply the more prestigious world labels and brands.Well shaped fishnet and fancy patterned hosiery styles, as well as seamless garments made with Warp Knitting Technique (WKSr), all produced with best quality elastomer (Invista Lycra covered by microfiber) and now also natural yarns, with state-of-the-art raschel / jacquard double needled bar machines: these are the reasons why the most important brands show their preference to CIFRA's products.Cifra spa, with its ongoing 24 hours production, has a huge productive capacity of about 150.000 pairs of stockings a day: this, considering a high scale economy, allows us to compete with far-east competitors also in terms of prices.There are more than a thousand different kinds of styles in our catalogues of production; moreover, Cifra can make new and exclusive designs accordingly to customers' specific requests.Included in the service, clients receive a direct guarantee of sole rights on the pattern.Our style office can design an average of 8 new styles a day, which are then all registered.The capability to offer this kind of service is achieved thanks to the Company's philosophy, having an extremely flexible production system, capable to successfully operate at the same time on the international market.Cifra exports all over the world: Brazil, USA, Germany, China, Australia, Mexico, France, Turkey, England, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Canada, Japan, Austria.At Cifra clients can find customer oriented services, ready to satisfy whatever request, both of the small distributor and of the big buyers.Creativity, productivity, flexibility and quality are the keys words that allow a fast growing business in the today difficult economic framework.The increasing globalization is causing a considerable selection of producers that now must focus on high added value production in order to compete with countries where labor costs are cheap.Only those who can make innovations and realize new and complex high quality products can globally compete in all markets.

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