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On January 1st, 1964, Newcity (Bangkok) Public Company Limited was established by Mr.Boopakorn Chokvathana.Cherilon was the first brand to be introduced to Thai's women. Years ago, pantyhose had a limited place in women's wardrobes as they were primarily for formal or special occasions. The sales' volume was very small, and the product at that time was 100 percent imported from Philippines, which meant comparatively high retail prices for a niche market of high income consumers. During those early years, Thai women did not associate stockings with fashion. They wore stockings only when they had to - at formal or official events or when they wanted to project on especially polite image. The company's early products were thigh-high suspender stockings presented in simple designs and natural colors. The introduction of the mini-skirt proved a major boost for the stockings industries. Women were exposing their legsmore, and colorful stockings became a way for fashion- conscious consumers to enhance their outfits. Soon after, the suspender stockings gave way to the greather convenience of pantyhose. Since then, pantyhose has become the most popular legwear choice for Thai women, and the variety of designs and colors has grown exponentially. Thailand's first stockings manufacturer, known as Union Plus Knitting, debuted in 1968 (its name was later changed toNew Plus Knitting). All of the company's products were marketed by Newcity (Bangkok) Public Company Limited under the registered brand named Cherilon. In its early days, Cherilon was marketing with such slogans as “Cherilon, the heart of your legs”, “Your intimate buddy” and “Cherilon, we have more to offer”, the last of which remains Cherilon's slogan to this day. Cherilon has become Thailand's leading stockings' producer and seller and commands the industry's highest market share. Cherilon's 40 years of experience have resulted in a number of exiting innovations in manufacturing technology.In fact, the company's manufacturing leadership helped spawn the birth of a new lingerie brand, Cherilon Intimate. The products convey a sense of elegance, which customers can easily identify from the seamless, stretching, sheer and transparent characteristics of products. Cherilon Intimate markets two groups of products, fashion lingerie and shapewear “Body Shape Up”. More Thai women are enjoying the products than ever before, Newcity ( Bangkok ) Public Company Limited has created and developed to be offer a variety of the innovative products that complement a woman's choice of womanwears and skin products. The company has continuously expanded into innerwear, sleepwear, bodywear, activewear, skincare and spa products under the names: Cara, Dans Mate, Scruple and Real Spa.