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In 1918 L'Arsoie is founded by Auguste Massal in the Cévennes region of central France, a region renowned for the weaving of silk. The name L'Arsoie derives from the phrase 'art de la soie', meaning 'the art of silk'. The company specialises in the manufacture of fine stockings in luxurious packaging. The enterprise is to pass into the hands of Germain, his younger brother, some two years later.It is this stocking of exceptional quality, hand made from precious silk and wrapped in its delicate presentation box, which will bring world-wide renown to the Arsoie label.Being a family business, André Massal then succeeds his uncle Germain and, in 1953, the Cervin label comes into being. This name is chosen in honour of the snow covered summits of the region where Auguste Massal was born.Having passed through the fashions of 'pantalons', forerunner of the nylon stocking and fantasy tights, it is his son Serge, already having been the General Manager since 1986, to whom the reins of Cervin / L'Arsoie are entrusted.Serge Massal adapts himself to his times by bringing production onto a more industrial basis whilst making no concessions to quality: the seamed hold-up stocking, the silk winter tights, the Cashmere wool leggings.Nonetheless it is his nostalgia and his dream to re-create the authentic seamed, fully fashioned, stocking which have sent him in search of old and rare machines. After unceasing hunting across the continents and two years of laborious restoration these almost extinct machines were located and from them were at last created unique stockings, the finest in the world in terms of both quality and texture.Thus, thanks to his fabulous products, L'Arsoie / Cervin rapidly become known in the world of luxury products. L'Arsoie now manufactures for the biggest names and Cervin is prized by many well-known public personalities.In this quest for unique and prestigious products Cervin will soon be launching a line of seamless and ultra soft Cashmere and an exclusive service in made-to-measure stockings.Cervin - An unequalled 'savoir-faire' in outstanding French-made stockings and tights