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Carnivalista is your number one provider of luxurious carnival products including luxurious stockings for women of all shades. Our portfolio of products and delightful Flavours enhance your natural skin tone and compliment any carnival costume from an extravagant detailed design to a simpler “Carnival Monday wear”.

Carnivalista is a European based company which has been trading in Carnival related clothing and accessories including since 2012. Four years ago, we introduced the signature “glittery” wide weave fishnets, the SPARKLE style, in 3 amazing customised skin tones. This product was so well received by customers that today 3 additional colours and 4 new styles have been added to the Carnivalista family.

In addition to creating high quality, skin-coloured necessities, our aim is it to cater to women of all colours around the globe and develop products have not been available in the past.

The name Carnivalista shows a strong devotion and affiliation to carnival. We strive to develop and present innovative products for women taking part in carnivals throughout America, the Caribbean and across the globe.

Our newest additions demonstrate that we are leaders in creating new trends and taking real consideration into what can improve the carnival market such as footwear, enhanced waistbands and intimate accessories, making them a must-have for every woman! We strive for the best customer service and appreciate feedback from all our gorgeous clients on a regular basis. Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!